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1 x 65´ or 1 x 52´
Year of Production:
Czech, English
The Winged Lions
1 x 65´ or 1 x 52´

A documentary film uses a unique poetic form of archive storytelling to tell the Odyssean story of Czechoslovak airmen who escaped to fight after the Munich Agreement. It follows their experiences across the whole of Europe and the euphoria of their return at the end of the war and their betrayal and persecution once the communists took power in 1948. With their perceptive text the airmen act almost as observational documentarists on the peoples and countries in which they serve.

A fascinating outsider’s perspective on Britain and other countries at war. This will not be a heroic film but will show two very young men struggling with their fear, the necessity of the war, their desire to live life to the full and the need to do the right thing.

Our film is composed entirely of period, partly unseen, archive footage accompanied by the narration of two prominent Czechoslovak airmen, František Fajtl and Filip Jánský. The film will work with sensitively transformed fragments from the airmen’s rich, post war, literary work enlivened by a pair of actors who are at the same age as the two airmen were during the war.

Co-production with NOW Productions
Director: Tomáš Bojar
Editor: Šimon Špidla
Broadcasters: Czech TV, RTVS